Simple 30-Day Minimalism Challenge for Beginners

By Ray Arya •  Updated: 03/31/21 •  11 min read

If you have been longing for a simpler and happier life with less stress, more time, energy, and money, then you have stumbled across the right page.

Today I want to share a fun and hassle-free way to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle within a month. All you need to do is follow the tasks in my 30-Day Minimalism Challenge for a better life.

Along the journey, you will realize that it is easier than you think to attain and maintain a clutter-free and uncomplicated life that comes with loads of incredible benefits.

And within one month, I assure you, you will reap the benefits of putting your effort towards simplifying, and you can enjoy a lifestyle that helps you live more with less stuff, fewer complications, and fewer worries.

Prepare for simply boosting up your happiness scale and your collective wellbeing!

So without further ado, here are my simple steps to play the 30-Day Minimalism Game.

-> In this 30 Day Minimalism Challenge, you will learn to focus your energy and attention on one task each day.

-> We aim to gain mental and physical space by decluttering your life.

-> Minimalism and simple living will make time for your goals and passions.

This challenge is right for you if:

  1. You want to free yourself from the overwhelm of the chaos at home, work, and all other areas of life.

  2. You want to simplify your wardrobe to decrease your time for decision-making and get rid of duplicate stuff.

  3. You want to take a digital detox and reduce the time spent on addictive technical devices, such as your smartphone and social media apps.

  4. You want to cultivate healthy habits that help you grow, focus on pursuing your personal goals, and enjoy more time, energy, and money.

  5. You want to live a more meaningful and intentional life with the help of minimal, frugal, and slow living.

  6. You want to clear away the clutter from your home and mind, so you can focus on what matters to you most.

  7. You want to get connected more with people and nature and learn how to find happiness in simplicity.

The Simple 30-Day Minimalism Challenge To Improve Your Life

1. Turn off your smartphone notifications

Why do this first? Because notifications capture our attention and draw away our focus when they sound up. Want more time for things that matter most? Time to get a digital detox and free yourself from your glooming screens.

2. Limit your time on social media

Studies show that spending too much time browsing through social media feeds diminish the quality of our life. According to a Digital Detox Research, the drawbacks of social media include anxiety, envy, stress, and sleeplessness – to name a few. Try to use your devices more mindfully and limit your time online to a few minutes a day.

3. Minimize your calendar

There is no point in stressing yourself out by filling up your schedule with countless tasks. You have only so much time in a day, and cutting back on useless chores, obligations, and meetings increases your leisure time.

4. Do one thing at a time

We have become so busy that focusing on the actions in front of us is a big struggle. Practicing single-tasking will help us be more productive and enjoy every task more.

5. Declutter your home

Clutter adds up quickly and often brings overwhelm and anxiety. Browse through your house and pair down unused stuff. Start with one room today and move on to the next tomorrow. Carry on until your entire home is free from clutter. The less mess around you that collects dust, the greater your freedom.

6. Declutter your car

Clear your car from anything that doesn’t belong there (bags, clothes, trash). And while you are at it, why not clean your reliable ride from the inside out.

7. Create a healthy morning routine

One of the most effective habits of all time is creating mini habits that enhance your life – best executed right after getting out of bed. Why? Because you do something for yourself before letting other tasks occupy your time. A powerful morning routine could be expressing gratitude while waking up, working out, meditating, eating a healthy and colorful oatmeal, reading, etc. Ger creative here, and be sure that you like your new mini habits.

8. Connect more with people

Start the habit of calling or meeting your loved ones more often, as social connections prove to enhance our happiness. But not only with people you already know but also with strangers on the bus, in the park, or the supermarket.

9. Quit unnecessary subscriptions and memberships

Browse through your monthly subscriptions and membership, and I bet you will find some that you can ditch. Save yourself some money and get rid of unnecessary magazines, streaming services, etc.

10. Spend time outdoors

Explore nature or your city surroundings, get some fresh air and wander around. Enjoy the opposite of staring at a screen and being locked in your own four walls, and help your happiness levels increase.

11. Schedule a do-nothing day

Who says that you have to plan out every day of the week? Treat yourself for a day without doing anything. Wake up, put a smile on your face and let the day happen without longing for any specific task to do. Look at it as a well-deserved time-out.

12. Exercise

The minimalist way gives you back time. But there‘s no use of all that when you don‘t keep your shell fit. Include physical exercise into your daily routine. Hit the gym, dance, walk, whatever you feel like that burns some calories. Just move for the sake of moving – your body is built for that purpose. Otherwise, it degenerates and makes unhappy.

13. Meditate for 10 minutes

The sad truth about our modern lives is that minds are all over the place (mind-wandering), and we struggle to stick to the task we want to focus on. Meditation helps to take a step back, letting your thoughts pass by unjudgementally, relax, and be in the here and now. Try Headspace and enjoy a few minutes of mindful awesomeness starting today! Remember: A wandering mind is an unhappy mind 😉

14. Set short and long-term goals

There is no such thing as achieving a goal without setting one. It‘s like trying to solve a complex puzzle but not knowing its result. Minimalism gifts you with more time. Use it to think about how your life should look like, set big and tiny goals, and prioritize achieving them. Also, make it a habit to write plans for the next day, as this mental “offloading” helps you sleep better.

15. Make time for learning new skills

There‘s a saying that if you don‘t grow, you die. It may sound extreme, but it‘s true. Your body might go on, but your mind suffers, lack of motivation creeps into your life, and happiness staggers. Learn a new skill to spice up your life once in a while, small or big it doesn‘t matter, as long as it challenges you.

16. Practice frugality

Like time, money is one of the most crucial resources that needs to be managed wisely. Living within your means is one of the best ways to live freely. Do the opposite, and money problems are inevitable. Learn how to win at personal finance early with these Simple Steps to Save like a Minimalist.

17. Practice happiness

As funny as it may sound, but being happy is a habit, a muscle that you can train. It‘s a mood swing that allows you to feel great for a tiny moment. There is a strong correlation between Simplicity and Happiness. That’s why we all want to simplify our lives and immerse ourselves in happy moments more often.

-> Check out the Science of Wellbeing, a free course from the Yale University, to find out how to practice happiness.

18. Practice time affluence

Time affluence is the idea of having enough time to do the things you want to do (including doing nothing) without feeling strapped for time. Living simply and minimally allows you to practice exactly that. It also shows you how to value time so that you don’t waste it on nonsense.

19. Focus on your needs

Our modern lifestyle created an imbalance between our needs and wants. Though most of us got everything we needed, we cultivated a habit of Always Wanting More. Break out of that unsatisfying cycle. Appreciate what you have and enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life.

20. Eliminate duplicates

Ask yourself: how many shoes, pants, pens, or books do you really need? The average American has over 300.000 items at home, of which duplicates make up a big chunk. Most of it never get touched, so get rid of them – and try not to let them into your life again 😉

21. Harness simplicity

Find ways to make life easier instead of overcomplicating things. Do you want less stress, then work less. Want better health, then avoid toxic food. Want better relationships, avoid toxic people. Want more time, simplify your calendar. You can always find ways How to Live a Simple Life in a Modern World.

22. Practice slow living

Reducing chores and living a simpler life enables us to take everything a bit more relaxed. Take a step back, practice Slow Living, do everything you do at a slower pace, and you will be able to live more present-centered.

23. Keep a minimalist journal

Write down three goals, three success stories, and three things you are grateful for every day in a journal. It helps to keep track of your priorities and achievements and show your appreciation for life.

24. Declutter your digital devices

Digital clutter ads up even faster than physical clutter. Trash unwanted apps, photo and video images from all your devices, delete duplicates, sort your favorites into folders.

25. Evaluate your purchases

To make good purchasing decisions and Stop Buying Wasteful Things, try to reflect on the last non-essential items you have purchased lately. It will put things into perspective and help you to cultivate a more responsible and eco-friendly spending habit.

26. Read a good book

Instead of watching the next Netflix series or youtube video, read a good book, an inspiring biography, or a mind-blowing non-fiction. If you are not keen on reading, listen to audiobooks or blinks instead.

27. Get rid of one emotional thing

Our memories are not in our material things – they are in us! Go through your emotional stuff that is stored in your closet or the basement. They occupy too much space. Take a picture of it as a remembrance and let go. Here are some Useful Tips To Gain Motivation to Declutter.

28. Practice gratitude

Becoming a minimalist is above all about being mindful and appreciating the little (and big) things that are already a part of your life. Assignment for today: Write a long list of everything (and everyone) you are grateful for in life.

29. Enjoy the small things in life

Basically, minimalism is the essence of happiness. Letting go of things is liberating and enables you to enjoy the Simple Pleasures. They present themselves to us every day and everywhere. Cherish those moments.

30. Create a relaxing bedtime ritual

For a deep and sound sleep, prepare your body and mind for bed early. Put on some chill music, shut off any screens, dim the lights, go slow, and relax. Drink a cup of relaxing tea, put a smile on your face and say thank you that life is treating you well. You will wake up with more energy, motivation, and purpose the next day.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my 30-day minimalism challenge. For me, it was a fun challenge that taught me great lessons. I always knew that a life with less is a happier one, but I never really thought of being capable of minimizing in so many areas.

I realized that switching to a minimalist lifestyle is not an overnight task to do. But by dividing the tasks into tiny pieces and doing one in a day encouraged me to stick to the plan, complete the challenge, and build helpful habits.

Remember, tiny changes add up over time. Eventually you will see huge effects and realize what a great life you have built. 

So what are you waiting for? Get moving, start your journey to a minimalist lifestyle and boost up your well-being! I’ll be happy if you let me know how it goes.

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