How To Live A Simple Life In A Modern World


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Do you also feel that the world is continually turning faster, and it is becoming more challenging to catch up? The influences of the modern world seem to invade and heavily impact our lives in a way that makes us feel anxious, stressed out, and discontent.

No wonder that more and more people are struggling to step back and dreaming of simplifying their life. But is a simpler life really better? And is it even possible to live a simple life in a modern world? 

Indeed, it is very possible once you understand that you can make use of modern technology while living simpler, slower, and less complicated. Living simpler is just a choice, and there are numerous ways for you to start living a more simple and peaceful life in today’s society starting now.

What does living a simple life mean?

Nowadays, numerous people want to simplify their lives. But what does the phrase “simple living” even mean? I think there is no one-fits-all way to describe it and that it is so broad that it invites various definitions. However, I believe that there is one definition that we all can agree on:

“Simple living is getting a sense of life’s purpose. It is the intentional focus in all areas of our lives on belongings, actions, habits, and relationships that bring us the most value and joy.”

Applying this principle in our present, fast-evolving lifestyle means reducing our possessions, distractions, and attachments to achieve more freedom to focus on what matters most.

Good reads on simplifying life

The More Of Less
by Joshua Becker

In his book, Joshua shows you the pathway to living more by owning less. He encourages you with practical suggestions and a step by step guide to minimize your possessions and distractions around you to optimize and maximize your life.

Soulful Simplicity
by Courtney Carver

Courtney’s approach to minimalism is second to none. In Soulful Simplicity, she shows you how to pursue practical minimalism to escape the everyday pressure of wanting more of everything. She aims to show you how to create more space and time with less.

Is it even possible to live simply in today's society?

The influences of society can create significant pressure on our lives if we let them. Most of us get trapped in a fast-moving and ever-changing system whose sole aim is nothing but growth.

Technology makes our lives more convenient every day, and everything has become ridiculously easy. You can buy anything you want with just a few clicks, travel to every corner of this planet, and become anyone and anything you want. 

Yet, people are not happier! Why? Because the speed of change is becoming harder and harder to catch up. And we assume that we will miss something out and get unhappy if we don’t participate in the social race.

But luckily, you can step back and go your own pace. You need to unlink yourself from this chain of constant change and start living a slower and simpler life that enables you to be more present and content. In a simple life is where true happiness lies.

How do I start living a simple life?

Starting a simpler life is easier than you might think. And the rewards are greater than you can ever imagine. Once you decide to turn your back on the rules of modern society, you will experience the freedom that you would never have otherwise.

Untie yourself from the growth and upgrade mentality to a life full of purpose and memorable experiences by taking your time, going slow, and finding meaning in a life that already has everything to become happy!

Here are my best tips on living a simple life.

How to live a simple life in a modern world

Realize that living simple is a choice

The first step towards a simpler life is realizing that it is possible to choose alternative ways to the path of modern society. Everybody can design a life that aligns with their values.

You avoid following others blindly and determine jour journey. You can set your path and still play a valuable part in your community. All it takes is a simple choice.

Practice to live in the present

The biggest challenge lies in changing our inability to live in the present. It has become almost impossible to focus on what is happening in front of us.

We keep on thinking of what else we could and should do. Therefore it is crucial to practice to be more present-centered by devoting your time and full attention to the action taking place right in front of you.

Help yourself with meditation, yoga, walking, or other calming activities that enable your mind to stay in one place and enjoy life as it happens.

Get a break from the internet

We continually link ourselves to the worldwide web, a world that never sleeps. It wants to feed us with information and update us with news and social media posts by sending us messages and push-notifications, all day long.

But those alerts don’t only supply us with helpful advice and dopamine-hits. They also diminish the quality of our lives with anxiety, fear of missing out, stress, and sleeplessness.

So learn to break free from the internet addiction. Log off more often and build a habit of checking your devices only then when you need to. Set boundaries and limit your time spent online. You will be surprised how much time you will free up.

Use your brain

Use technology to ease your life, but don’t depend too much on it. In the long term, your brain will get dull. Use your head to calculate, instead of pulling your calculator out every time you need to calculate simple numbers.

Build a habit of memorizing your grocery or daily to-do list. Stimulate your brain more and avoid using your technical devices even for the easiest tasks. After all, the brain is a muscle that can be trained.

Learn to say no and go slow

If you are overwhelmed with superfluous tasks listed in your calendar, learn to say no and stop filling it. We tend to participate in work, activities, meetings, parties, and what not to stay busy, learn new things, or earn more money.

And then we wonder why life is so stressful. To live a simple life, ask yourself which of those tasks bring you forward. Cut those that accelerate your pace. The point is to go slow while intensifying joy, instead of being all over the place but doing nothing properly.

Don’t upgrade until you need to

Items nowadays are not built to last. There is truth about it. Yet, you can always do something to make your things last longer and avoid upgrading or replacing them once new versions are out, or you get bored of them.

Treat them with care, maintain them until they break, and repurpose them if possible. Keeping your stuff until they break also holds you back from continually inflating your lifestyle, saving you time, energy, and a ton of money.

Live more minimal and frugal and you will less likely feel a lack of anything.

Mind your own business

The easiest way to become instantly unhappy is to compare yourself with others. Living simpler also means to stop that.

Remember to focus on writing your own story and pursuing your very own dreams. Don’t be nosy and try to copy other people’s lives at work, in your surroundings, and especially on social media. Those people do not give a shit about you!

Mind the comparison game and find fulfillment on your very own journey.

Reduce your stuff and your attachments

Declutter your home, your calendar, and your life! Clutter, whether physical, mental, or digital, messes up your life.

Simplify and get rid of useless stuff, reduce your possessions to the essentials. Cut down your attachments, especially to material stuff and create meaning with the new space found.

The fewer attachments you have, the more freedom. And the more freedom, the more contentment.

Go for a walk every day and connect with nature

Another way to live simple, slow, and more grounded is to earth yourself with daily walks in nature, even if only 20 minutes.

There is nothing better than connecting with nature and inhaling the fresh air the tree leaves pump out. Cultivate the habit of walking or cycling to work or wherever you need to go.

Leave your car at home, or better sell it right away if it is not necessary.

Show gratefulness for what you are and what you already possess

I say this repeatedly in my articles because it is life-changing. The best thing you can do to get rid of fears, anxiety, and stress is to step back and be grateful for what you have.

Chances are high that you already have everything to be happy. All things you think you need might be just things to feed your greed. Stop wasting your time thinking of what you can change or buy next and appreciate where you are standing and what already surrounds you.

Change your mindset of wanting more, to needing less, and you will be rewarded with peace, gratefulness, contentment.

Celebrate the simple things in life

Lastly, enjoy the simple pleasures in life. We all assume that only colossal changes like buying a house, a new car, or getting a huge pay raise will make us happy.

But celebrating the smallest things that don’t even cost anything can bring us joy. They can be having an interesting chat with a friend, learning how to make fluffy pancakes, or smelling a fresh orange.

Small pleasures are everywhere. Practicing to relish them as they come is a beautiful approach to living a simple life.

Final thoughts

Living a simple life in the modern world can be a great challenge. And for some, their current lifestyle is non-negotiable.

But if you are overwhelmed by the daily information over-flood, and the world is just turning too fast for you, some of the adjustments mentioned above are helpful ways to live a simpler life.

It is not about depriving yourself of the technology that makes your life easier. I am also not telling you to cut back on everything that makes you happy.

It is about finding balance, not over-indulging, and doing everything in moderation so that you can live a healthy and joyful life.


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