The Importance And Value Of Living A Simple Life

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Simple living is a lifestyle, mindset, and habit that is gaining more importance and popularity in today’s modern world.

It is the practice of living with less to shuffle time free for what matters most.

The power of simplicity comes with tremendous benefits that no longer can get overlooked.

Choosing to live a simple life can save you from being stressed, anxious, depressed, broke, feeling lost, discontent, to name a few advantages but tare countless more.

Following that kind of lifestyle is one of the most significant answers and impactful solutions to many dilemmas of what we call a typical but overwhelming and unfulfilling modern life.

Living simple teaches us to be resourceful and live greener, make wise daily decisions, and contribute to our community as well as to our planet as best as we can.

That said, let me share the value and importance of living a simple life.


What is the meaning of a simple life?

A simple life is a lifestyle that is not strictly followed by everyone in the same way.

It can mean different things to different people.

While some may aim cutting back on stuff, others avoid modern technology or choose a life off-grid to be more self-sufficient.

But for most people, it means finding the beauty in less and recognizing what adds value and quality to their life.

Anything that doesn’t match that intention stays out.

So it is a way of living more intentional by making wise decisions to enhance and not decrease happiness.

A happiness that is not in possessions and status symbols.

But in the small and simple pleasures that present themselves to us daily and don’t necessarily cost anything, or at least not much.

Typical elements for living the simple way are:

And because those goals are achievable for everybody, I encourage everyone to adapt to that lifestyle.

Many people who do so are happier, more satisfied, and find their lives more purposeful.

They have intentionally chosen simplicity over complexity and are confident to live a life on their terms.

And they have learned to find and cherish what is truly important.

Why is being simple so important?

In a world that continually suggests us to stay online, buy stuff, get better, bigger, wealthier, and faster in all areas of our life, we are unhappier than ever.

Statistics show that the world is getting better. I agree in terms of poverty, literacy, safety, health, and freedom.

Modern technology provides us with an unparalleled standard of comfort.

However, the biggest issue lies in the effect of our growth-driven society on our psychology.

Though life’s comfort has reached unparalleled heights, many of us feel empty, senseless, and demotivated.

Never have we distanced ourselves from one another and felt more alone.

Never have we suffered more from sleeplessness, stress, and anxiety as today.

Modernity doesn’t solve all problems! Some leave us back with pain and suffering, especially social media.

And right there you have the answer to why it is so critical to live simple.


This lifestyle has the power to fix numerous modern problems and diminish countless psychological issues.

You see, by applying a few simple but very achievable life hacks, no one needs to suffer.

It is indeed the most effective way to escape the comparison game, reduce society’s peer pressure, and mindless consumerism.

Everybody can decide to take a different route. You can choose to live better by taking it slower and living simple!

What is the value of simplicity in life?

Some understand living simply as reducing material possessions by decluttering, freeing up space in our homes and digital devices.

And while all of those things are important and worth celebrating, that’s just the surface of simplicity.

Like I mentioned before, simplicity is appreciating the small things in life, enjoying a clear mind and intellect.

It is learning to know yourself better and finding your true nature, which allows you to appreciate inner beauty.

But the values of simplicity are much more:


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What do you gain by following simplicity in life?

Adapting the principles of a simple life, you not only benefit as an individual but also become helpful to others by leading as an example.

After understanding that decluttering, giving away, and donating stuff to free up more space is just the surface of simplicity, you can spread the word and enable others to improve their lives.

Help yourself and then the others gain and reap the benefits of simplicity, such as:

These are some of the main gains by following simplicity. Impactful reasons why a simple life is better, right?

If you want more, I have written a whole article about the benefits of simple living.

Best tips on living a simple life

First and foremost, you need to believe that you can live with less. Get the confidence to live a life on your terms, and nothing can hold you back.

Second, decide that you want to live with less.

Reminisce why you want to do it and gather all its benefits to strengthen your mindset.

Third, take the first step by cutting back on your useless and needless stuff.

Usually, that alone will free your mind and make time and energy for the rest of the process.

Fourth, reduce all other areas like your digital devices, schedule, and obligations.

And fifth, don’t get distracted and stay on track. Living simple is a habit that requires daily practice.

Make it a habit to avoid always wanting more.

Every decision you make can either benefit or complicate and harm your life.

Like eating, for instance, every time you put something in your mouth, it can make you healthier or ill in the long run.

So you better choose wisely.

For a more thorough guide to living a simple life, read this.

Final thoughts

Whether you choose to follow some or all my tips, simple living will improve your life. I promise!

However, don’t think of it as a magic pill that will solve all your problems.

I cannot grant you everlasting happiness and contentment. Life can be complicated, and that’s just the way it is.

Nevertheless, understanding the importance of a simple life and applying its hacks will benefit you in one or another way.

Just remember that nothing in life comes easy. Also, such things as simplicity require practice, effort, and self-discipline.

All I can say is, I love my simple life!

And I would never go back and let all that stress and negativity capture me again.

Finally, it lies in your hand to take the leap of faith and shift your life to become better, with less stuff, fewer complications, and less pain.

Why do you think we should all live simpler?

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