10 Amazing Minimalist Lifestyle Benefits you need to know

By Ray Arya •  Updated: 05/31/20 •  7 min read

Consumer society persistently tells us to acquire more things and act in certain ways in order to be happy. Sadly, most of us don’t question its intentions and never realize that it takes advantage of our ignorance and naivety.

However, there is a simple solution to this issue – minimalism! It helps to align yourself with your values, unfollow mainstream, and break out of this brainless system. There’s always a way to pivot your life towards intentionality and freedom.

That said, you need to know these 10 amazing minimalist benefits that, with no doubt, will enrich your life.


1. Less Clutter
2. More Time
3. More Money
4. Less Stress
5. Your learn to appreciate Life
6. Higher Productivity
7. Personal Growth & Development
8. You protect the Environment
9. More Happiness & Contentment
10. More Freedom

1. Less Clutter

Studies show the correlation between clutter and health issues. Simplifying your way of living minimizes superfluous stuff in your environment and reduces physical, mental, and digital clutter. It promotes cleanliness and makes it effortlessly easy to maintain an organized and tidy space. A clear space events in a clear mind and finally in a calmer body. All your things add value and amplify the experience and enjoyment of your life.

2. More Time

Do you often feel that you never have enough time? Although time is our most valuable resource and we all have the same amount of hours in a day, we tend to carelessly waste it.

We spend chasing the next best possessions, filling up our calendars with useless things, and forget that we simply can’t buy more time.

But owning fewer items and a shorter to-do list frees up time and allows you to use it more efficiently.

3. More Money

Spending less means saving money. And having more money opens up a lot of options such as building an emergency fund for rainy days to insulate yourself from financial disaster, paying debt faster, investing in assets for financial freedom, and helping others in need by donating or lending.

With minimalism saving money becomes easy. By living frugal and cutting down expenses you say no to lifestyle inflation and build wealth instead. You naturally have more to spend on activities and experiences that you enjoy more. Plus you can invest in your personal finance, start and grow a business, and ensure financial independence. Consider it investing in your self!

4. Less Stress

We all want to avoid unnecessary stress in our lives. However, clutter and stress go hand in hand and make it even more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally. Minimalist living relieves tension and implements better physical and mental health.

Stop filling your day with needless considerations. The fewer decisions you need to make the more you can turn your attention to the most important activities. It helps keep your stress levels low, be more present, and increase sleep quality.

5. You Learn to Appreciate Life

I do my best to surround myself with things that I need, use, value, and love. I appreciate what I have and the people around me. We naturally spend precious energy to compare our lives with others. And we usually have the desire to impress them by owning as much as possible. However, constantly feeling that we are missing out on something will never satisfy us.

Minimalism helps to end this comparison game once and for all. The more appreciation you experience with what you already have, the less you will want more stuff. You will realize the true meaning of luxury. Namely that you have control over your life, that you already possess all things to be happy, and that you have enough.

6. Higher Productivity

Every day countless distractions pull our attention away from our original goals. It has become extremely difficult to focus and to be present. Social media makes it even worse. We are persistently induced to waste our time watching useless feeds.

Once you declutter your home, your calendar, and your digital devices, you automatically reduce distractions. Plus, you learn to use your time more mindfully. This eventually helps raise your productivity, get things done faster and more efficiently. As a positive side effect, it frees up even more time.

7. Personal Growth & Development

The principles of minimalism are invaluable. They free up space to embrace future potential, growth, and development. You can choose intentionally where you want to direct your energy.

Once you have chosen to live with less, you will experience that optimizing life is simple. You will adapt new skills to get even better in simplifying, learning, strengthening your personality, and boosting your confidence. Finding more time, headspace, and energy you will be less likely to waste your life and follow the path to success instead.

8. You protect the Environment

The easiest way to contribute to protecting the environment is by reducing your overall consumption. If we all bought less stuff, the world would definitely be a better place.

By accumulating less stuff, whether it’s decor, clothing, electronics, beauty items, or single-use plastic, you not only escape the vicious circle of the brainless consumerism but also automatically live with a smaller footprint. You will learn about the effects of consumerism, fast products, and reusable items. This results in a far lower waste output.

9. More Happiness and Contentment

Minimalism gives you the ability to find more happiness, enjoyment, and satisfaction. Your perspective starts to shift, from wanting the things you don’t have and think you need to own, to be happy with the things around you. You quickly experience more gratitude in your life which reinforces feelings of happiness.

You feel good knowing that you can differ needs from wants. You feel great to break out of the comparison trap. All the benefits will make you feel content. Enjoying the big and small things, helping yourself, and other people leads to a higher fulfilling life.

10. More Freedom

Lastly, minimalism with all its benefits brings a tremendous amount of freedom. And freedom is invaluable. Breaking out of the ties of material possessions allows you to shape a reality that can define a more meaningful life. So follow the principles of minimalism and live a more independent and fulfilling life, a life by your own rules.

Final Words

These were just the key benefits of minimalism but there are countless more. You don’t have to be an extreme minimalist to reap the benefits of it. Even if you apply just some of the principles of living minimally you will soon experience notable positive changes and realize why a simple life is best. Know the difference between essentials and nonessentials, between needs and wants.

Make mindful decisions about what to pursue in life. Focus on amplifying your experiences and making them more enjoyable and memorable. Rather than having thousands of things and thousands of thoughts find peace, gratefulness, and happiness in the things around you.

“Love people and use things because the opposite never works.” – The Minimalists

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Ray Arya

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