123 Simple Pleasures In Life To Be Grateful For

By Ray Arya •  Updated: 08/03/20 •  8 min read

The pressure of pursuing bigger goals, higher living standards, and more material possessions often makes us unhappy.

We frequently focus on what we lack and mostly end up feeling discontent and disappointed.

We forget to appreciate and be grateful for the small things and simple pleasures in life that present themselves to us every day

But luckily, we can always find some little ways to boost our day, improve our satisfaction, and create more happiness.


By applying and enjoying simple pleasures in life to make days more pleasant.

The good thing – satisfying, little things, don’t cost anything or are mostly very inexpensive! 

So I thought it would be fun to share some simple pleasures that came into my mind, and hopefully, this will inspire you to reflect on your life and the little things that bring pleasure to you as well!

In this post:

  1. What are simple pleasures?

  2. Can simple pleasures actually make us happier?

  3. How do you enjoy simple pleasures?

  4. What are the best simple pleasures of life?

  5. List of 123 simple pleasures

  6. Final thoughts

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What are simple pleasures?

“Simple pleasures are the last healthy refuge in a complex world.”

– Oscar Wilde

Relax and reflect, and you will realize that it’s the little things in life that bring you joy.

These simple pleasures come in all different ways, from eating fluffy pancakes to making someone smile.

It turns out that it doesn’t take a lot to be happy, especially when you realize you are lucky to have and to be able to experience these little things.

As time goes on, I always ask myself: how can I better my life?

For example, I developed a habit of starting my day and being grateful just for waking up.

Now simply waking up has become a real pleasure to me.

It puts a smile on my face and kick-starts my day instantly with a positive mindset.

This habit has become a total game-changer for me. I can now apply it to the tiniest things in my life to sweeten my day a little bit more.

Practicing to be grateful for simple things can work wonders and help your happiness points to add up and to enjoy your life more.

And it feels even more amazing to be able to recognize and relish these simple pleasures as they happen.

So the more simple pleasures you find and appreciate in a day, the happier you get. Simple right?

Can simple pleasures actually make us happier?

Indeed they can!

It is not the massive changes like a big house or a fancy car that make the most impact.

But sometimes little things like fluffy pancakes or listening to rustling tree leaves, that bring the biggest happiness boost.

Just try it for yourself and make it a mission to find them.

Simple pleasures are everywhere around you, and you can make use of them anytime. 

Ask yourself: What small pleasures bring you the most happiness?

You will see that it’s easy to find them, and there are tons of pleasures to put on your own list.

Over time you will be able to even write your own simple pleasures book.

How do you enjoy simple pleasures in life?

Once a simple pleasure presents itself, make sure to relish that moment with all your heart and soul.

When you take the time to truly relish these moments as they come, you will find that the simple pleasures are what bring great happiness to your life.

It’s a tiny moment, so be present, suck it in and smile!

What are the best simple pleasures of life?

As already mentioned, the best simple pleasures don’t cost a thing or at least not much.

Those are things that we often oversee and take for granted.

That’s why I came up with 123 simple pleasures to remind you how much happiness can be found in everyday life and to brighten your day.

This list is by far not complete, and not all of the pleasures will bring the same amount of happiness to everyone, but I’m sure you can relate to most of them.

Hopefully they will encourage you to take a closer look into your life to find even more tiny pleasures to add to the list.

Also, feel free to add your own in the comments below.

But enough talking, time to relax and relish the following words.

My List of 123 Simple Pleasures

  1. Fluffy pancakes and a cup of coffee

  2. Taking a deep breath

  3. Being grateful

  4. Waking up after a good night’s sleep

  5. Feeling the first rays of the morning sun on your skin

  6. The first sip of your coffee or tea

  7. A short meditation to start the day

  8. Being present in the moment

  9. Unconditional friendship

  10. A cold refreshing shower after a morning workout

  11. A smooth walk in the park

  12. Riding a bike and feeling the fresh air on your face

  13. A clean and tidy home

  14. Driving a car with open windows

  15. Mom‘s cooking (always the best!)

  16. Smelling your favorite flower

  17. Quality time with someone

  18. Touching your partners soft hands

  19. A kiss on the forehead

  20. Writing down your thoughts in a journal

  21. Helping someone in need

  22. Gentle rain sound on your window

  23. Getting rid of unused things

  24. Talking to your best friend

  25. Finishing a task that you have started

  26. Waking up without pain

  27. The first bite into your favorite fruit

  28. Donating to help others

  29. Making someone smile

  30. Stretching your body

  31. Appreciating what you already have

  32. An easy Sunday morning

  33. Getting a massage

  34. Walking out of your workspace

  35. Coming home and seeing a smile on your partner’s face

  36. Cuddling with your pet

  37. Learning something new

  38. Choosing how to spend your time

  39. A new brilliant idea

  40. Listening to your heartbeat

  41. Laughing with your best friend

  42. Planning your next vacation

  43. Listening to birds singing

  44. Dancing to your favorite music

  45. Motivational quotes

  46. Resisting temptations

  47. Surprising someone you love

  48. Going to your favorite place

  49. Reading a great book

  50. Relaxing in a hammock

  51. Seeing a rainbow

  52. Crushing sound of dried leaves you step on in fall

  53. Peanut butter banana sandwich

  54. Showering in the rain

  55. Eating ice cream (anytime!)

  56. A healthy meal

  57. Listening to your favorite podcast

  58. Feeding your piggy bank

  59. Smell of an orange

  60. Seeing a ladybug

  61. Finding something you thought was lost

  62. The smell and feeling of fresh bed sheets on your skin

  63. The smell of the rain

  64. Checking off something in your to-do list

  65. Hearing the beautiful sound of rustling tree leaves

  66. Relaxing in front of a fireplace

  67. Berries in your cereal bowl

  68. Reaching the top of a mountain

  69. Drinking a cold glass of clean water

  70. Visiting new places

  71. The laughter of your children

  72. A sunshiny day

  73. Meditating and yoga

  74. Watching the stars

  75. An aha! Moment

  76. A surprise gift from someone

  77. Perfect timings

  78. Feeling appreciated by others

  79. Jokes that make you laugh out loud

  80. Memories seeing an old photo album

  81. Watching your plants grow

  82. Closing your laptop after work

  83. Finding a four-leaf clover

  84. Daydreaming

  85. Getting amazed by a bright full moon

  86. Taking it easy on a day-off

  87. Accomplishing a new goal

  88. Winning at Uno

  89. Big snowflakes in the winter

  90. Packing your luggage for the next vacation

  91. Playing with a ball

  92. Sitting by a fireplace

  93. Talking about a good movie

  94. Yellow cars

  95. Receiving a sincere thank you

  96. Feeling grass or sand under your feet

  97. A memory that puts a smile in your face

  98. Watching the candle light

  99. Watching your childhood pictures

  100. Meeting a good old friend

  101. A perfect sunset

  102. The fresh feeling after brushing your teeth

  103. A cozy blanket

  104. Fairy lights

  105. Feeling loved

  106. Unexpected compliments

  107. Silly face expressions of your kids

  108. The feeling that you have done the right thing

  109. Looking down on clouds from a plane

  110. An organized desk

  111. Sweet kisses

  112. Jumping into the lake

  113. Being able to walk and care for yourself

  114. The sound of the ocean

  115. Shopping fresh food

  116. Looking far into the distance

  117. The smell of your favorite meal

  118. An inspirational podcast

  119. Catching a bus after running fast

  120. Warm hugs

  121. Watching a childhood series

  122. Practicing positivity

  123. Seeing others happy

Final Thoughts

These simple things can create memories that will last forever.

Embrace the simple pleasures that bring you joy, and you will find yourself being more content and happy.

Missed some of your favorite simple pleasures? What are yours?

Drop them in the comments below! 🙂

Ray Arya

Ray is a frugal minimalist who loves to travel and live in his self-converted camper van. He writes about the benefits of downsizing, decluttering, saving money, building wealth, and the freedom that results from the power of less. Minimalray.com is for everyone who seeks a meaningful life and is committed to contentment.

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